About Us

Anaxis Global started its operations in 2009 as a trading company, dealing primarily in crude oil & cement as its core products. Since then, through our well defined and diversified network, we have been able to successfully create opportunities in areas covering various physical commodity and equipment trading. Our portfolio is wide ranging and diverse. Currently, we have established a significant customer base in various countries around the globe. We have strategic partners in Nigeria, India, Australia, Middle East, China, United States and Indonesia. Our alliances have helped us to synergize our business interest in different markets spanning the entire globe. We have worked with our strategic partners to facilitate trading in crude oil, LNG, cement, coal, iron ore, metal scrap, engineering equipments and pharmaceutical products. We enjoy a very good business relationship with MNCs engaged in the business of commodities enabling us provide world class services.

Our Mission

         Our mission is to work with our trading partners and uphold the highest levels of transparency and integrity so as to provide a consistent process that allows for a seamless transition every time.We aim to maximize the outcomes for Anaxis Global and our trading partners by securing the best practices and achieve high levels of efficiency with regards to the pricing, administration, product sourcing, and supply chain management. We believe in sustaining high standards of quality control at all times and to adhere to the time commitments.